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Mainpage » QA Forums » Queer Thinking » Topic: Should/Do your clothes define you?

Topic: Should/Do your clothes define you?


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:: Hipkik
:: QA6 Livin' it up!
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Clothes, Fashion, and Styles are all unique and not everyone can pull everything off, so how do you feel in your clothes? Does it complement your personality or views? Do you label when you see how others are dressed? Just tell everyone how you feel about clothes in general Emoticon: Smile :)
  Post: #413134 Link to this post, Sat 31 Jul 10, 7:18AM
:: Lynn
:: QA10 Community Goddess
lynn is finally changing her profile for a fortnight [Avatar]
Well define me not so much... maybe like... Shadow my personailty? XD I dress in ties and wrist bands, band shirts, flannles, cargos, or skinneys. Hahahaha, it shows how much of a tom-boy and indie band enthusiast I am. I feel more confident in the clothes I wear cause it does reflect on me. I am labled emo/skater/rocker/indie usually. Usually people can't tell from what I wear what a huge nerd I am. Usually my brain doesn't really lable on how people dress but more by how people interact and talk.
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  Post: #413138 Link to this post, Sat 31 Jul 10, 7:27AM
:: Hipkik
:: QA6 Livin' it up!
QA Member's Avatar
back in middle school I used to dress in oversized clothes and it really didn't fit my personality but now I guess I'd be labeled as a prep--nice clothes from belk,aero,hollister, and places like that. I don't think it defines me as much as it gives people a peak as to who I am....but I do have to say I am very guilty of over scrutinizing how people dress and I hate when it doesn't fit them, like the blackboy/girl-whiteboy/girl--they dress similar to me but are the ghetto thuggish people
  Post: #413152 Link to this post, Sat 31 Jul 10, 7:50AM
:: lena
:: QA10 Community God
QA Member's Avatar
I get really annoyed with clothing sometimes. I'm a tomboy usually, but I'm also really short and not so skinny, so the look doesn't exactly suit me. My face is also waaay to femme to pull off fully androgynous, and curly hair short is always super bouncy. Not exactly butch.

I want to look a certain way, and make myself comfortable, but I feel like the clothing I own doesn't exactly suit me personality. I just wear really simple outfits. Tight or baggy jeans, with lose t-shirts and vests. Sometimes nerdy shirts of band shirts.
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  Post: #413174 Link to this post, Sat 31 Jul 10, 8:25AM
:: DeSade
:: QA9 Grand Elder
QA Member's Avatar
No, my clothes don't define me. I don't think clothing truly defines anyone, unless they're entirely vapid and superficial.

But yes, of course my clothes are a slight reflection of my personality. I wear a lot of ironic t-shirts to compliment my ironic sense of humor, basically all my clothes are super comfortable seeing as I don't think wearing anything uncomfortable for the sake of appearance is really worth it, and in general people see me and think "there goes that liberal nerd", which is pretty damn accurate.

I make judgments based on peoples appearances. Anyone who says they don't is full of shit. But I also keep in mind that those judgments can be dead wrong, and navigating the world based on appearance alone is a harmful and stupid thing to do.
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  Post: #413180 Link to this post, Sat 31 Jul 10, 8:35AM
:: satanicLES
:: QA8 High Householder
QA Member's Avatar
i feel comfortable and unique in my clothes.and yes,i think they define me a little bit.i'm goth and almost everyone who doesn't know me think that i'm bad person,depressive and blah blah.but i'm not!well sometimes,but who's not? Emoticon: Smile :)
Do i label when i see how others are dressed?Hmmm...Sometimes Emoticon: Grin :D
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  Post: #413211 Link to this post, Sat 31 Jul 10, 1:43PM
:: smallfish
:: QA6 Livin' it up!
QA Member's Avatar
i second lena.
i know what style i'd like to wear to represent my personality better, but my body shape won't be able to pull it off. jeans or knee length shorts and t-shirts are my day to day attire.
i hate clothes and shopping because i can never find anything i like that i would be able to pull off.
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  Post: #413224 Link to this post, Sat 31 Jul 10, 3:23PM
:: Jospah
:: QA5 Having the neighbours round
QA Member's Avatar
I NEVER wear T shrts or hooded jumpers. I hate them.

I always wear button up shirts because im skinny enough not to look like a popous twat or some indie bitch.
  Post: #413340 Link to this post, Sat 31 Jul 10, 11:17PM
:: John1279
:: QA6 Livin' it up!
I only ever wear button ups. People tell me I look like a lumberjack Emoticon: Smile :)
  Post: #413347 Link to this post, Sun 1 Aug 10, 12:27AM
:: Hipkik
:: QA6 Livin' it up!
QA Member's Avatar
Some of you that think they couldn't pull some of these clothes off should really try them on first! One thing I will say is I hate wearing polos now, I have mostly vnecks and t-shirts, haven't tried button ups yet....
  Post: #413349 Link to this post, Sun 1 Aug 10, 12:43AM
:: smiths7
:: QA4 A spot of tea please, Alfred!
Charlie is back!, indefinitely [Avatar]
if you steroetpyed me and didnt know the whole of my personality and you saw my closet, yeah then youd think it would complement my personality. (i have been given a lot of flannel, which i keep as a joke Emoticon: Tongue :p)

but when i go out, i usually wear a lot of shirts and vests and ties, or crazy colourful tights, or rainbow necklaces, clothes, badgeds, or anything indy, chucking in the odd dress and tights. so i guess it shows who i am and who i want to be.
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  Post: #413356 Link to this post, Sun 1 Aug 10, 12:54AM
:: Joel
:: QA6 Livin' it up!
Ill take my jeans any of my hundred black metal t-shirts and my beloved Dimmu Borgir sweatshirt over anything any day.
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  Post: #414107 Link to this post, Wed 4 Aug 10, 7:34AM
:: DarkBlaze13
:: QA10 Community God
Sam keeps falling more and more in love, indefinitely [Avatar]
They don't...define me.
Do they reflect my personality?
Eh...maybe xp
I'm not quite sure.
I guess they kinda have to. I mean, there's gotta be some reason I picked out the things I did (though I will admit there are several things I have just because I didn't care, and hey, they fit haha).

Black button-up, tie, and jeans. Yay :3
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  Post: #414114 Link to this post, Wed 4 Aug 10, 7:42AM
:: Meganwho?-ohme
:: QA9 Grand Elder
QA Member's Avatar
Not really. I wish they did though. I wish i had a new wardob. But idk what looks good on me. Sometimes i wear things and i see a picture of it and i'm like, "why the heck did they let me ware that?" lol.
I like clothes, but i don't really have much that defines me. And anything that might never looks good on me. I wnna try tho.
  Post: #414127 Link to this post, Wed 4 Aug 10, 8:45AM
:: connectthedots
:: QA6 Livin' it up!
QA Member's Avatar
In general my clothes don't define me, but they reflect my mood. I'm more likely to wear dark colours on a bad day.
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  Post: #414554 Link to this post, Fri 6 Aug 10, 12:27AM
:: worrymuffin
:: QA5 Having the neighbours round
QA Member's Avatar
i thikn there are some people who try too hard to wear something that defines them, but personally, I just wear whatever i feel comfy in at the time (and whatever's been washed - that usually helps)
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  Post: #414654 Link to this post, Fri 6 Aug 10, 6:32AM
:: redsox203
:: QA10 Community Goddess
QA Member's Avatar
Half the time I dress like a bum, so I sure hope that doesn't define me. In a sense my clothes tend to reflect my mood, not so much my personality.
Should they? Na. Clothes are clothes, and i've always seen them that way. I've spent a good majority of my life in t-shirts.
I have no idea what to say here.
  Post: #414705 Link to this post, Fri 6 Aug 10, 1:39PM
:: D4RUD3
:: QA2 Settling in
Robert You can look up, I'll never come down, boy I tap dance on clouds, indefinitely [Avatar]
I don't let silly things like that define me; rather I express my way and sense (or lack there of) style. I dress upon my mood which usually is shorts and a tee shirt or khaki pants and a long sleeved tee shirt. Emoticon: Smile :)
-- I'm super-cut-lery-leaner-ali-docious --
  Post: #419451 Link to this post, Tue 24 Aug 10, 11:06PM
:: TruthIsEvil
:: QA5 Having the neighbours round
QA Member's Avatar
In a way they do... For example, I dress to express my mood. Today I felt really childish and happy, so I wore really bright and colourful clothes and some wacky shizz, like a necklace I made from a spork and a shoelace. Lol. It's just what I'm drawn to when I'm in that mood, and if I don't dress to fit my mood, then I feel a bit like I've worn a pink thong bikini to a funeral.

(Not that I know what that's like...)

I see clothing as temporary body art, and although I don't have loads of clothes, most of my clothes have symbolic meaning to me which I interpret in a myriad of ways.

However, my clothing doesn't define me - at most, it can almost scratch the surface of who I am, and I certainly wouldn't want someone to decide who I am just by looking at what I'm wearing, and I do my best not to judge anybody else by their appearance, either.
  Post: #419462 Link to this post, Tue 24 Aug 10, 11:46PM
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