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You have interesting ideas, and I agree with all of them. Expecially the part about friendship.In order to love someone, you have to like them first. You can't just meet somebody and say, "Oh my gosh he/she is amazing" Maybe they look amazing, or maybe you clicked, but if you start dating someone without knowing them, there flaws are going to become... huge.

The line "or all 6 of you are on the same level" made me giggle ^_^

Comprimise... you sound incredibly smart when you talk about this. And again, you are competely right. Comprimise, comunication, trust... all interconected and equally important.

Uhm, I could go on, answering this 20 minute video, responding to everypart. Because you seem very smart and I could listen to your opinion for even longer actually (Though I did watch the whole video) But I do have to do homework... so yea... I don't quite know how to conclude this...
Love makes the world go round <3

If you keep bugging me I'll go all second grader on you! "I know you are but what am I?"
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