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Blog: Skylines and Turnstiles

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Hana/Frankie's Blog Entries Skylines and Turnstiles Atom feed  
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Uploaded ImageHopeby Hana (all)    Mon 22 Oct 12, 7:59PM    0 responsesFeel no need to continue reading. I'm not writing for an audience, I'm writing because I have to put it in some kind of order for my mind to rationalise. I left my friends, all of them. They were bad for me, they turned me into someone I wasn't, I was failing a levels because I felt like I had to...
Vlog The Only Hope For Me Is Youby Hana (all)    Sun 12 Feb 12, 8:01PM    0 responses A video for Georgia, the only hope for me....
Uploaded ImageGetting what I deserveby Hana (all)    Tue 31 Jan 12, 10:36PM    0 responsesWell I should begin by saying I honestly do not know what to write. I havenít a clue or a single idea what to say that can possibly make this better. I havenít been able to order my thoughts since it happened, havenít been able to go more than a minute without it crossing my mind, and I feel like Ií...
Fearby Hana (all)    Tue 20 Dec 11, 11:33PM    0 responsesToday i would like to talk about fear. It fascinates me, you see. We all suffer it, yes we do. Every single one of us out there. We all have things that make us tremble, things we dread, or even things we keep locked so far away, just the thought of them ever coming to light is enough to make us ...
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