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QA: Support and chat for gay teens

Digital adventures for LGBT teens

Welcome to QA...

We're a friendly, well-moderated community of gay youth from around the world. Check out our Safe Space policy. Whether you're white, black, gay, straight, boy, girl or anything in between, you're welcome to join us!


Lesbian Body Issues
5m ago
6 posts by 6 users
The Annoying Questions
26m ago
16 posts by 11 users
What do you do in these situations?
7h 46m ago
5 posts by 4 users
Grey Gender?
15h 41m ago
10 posts by 9 users
When did you know?
18h 29m ago
1,940 posts by 1,736 users

OpenZone/Hot Stuff

What made you happy today?
29m ago
6,089 posts by 1,668 users
bite, lick, kiss, kick or hug the person above you
30m ago
8,145 posts by 688 users
Favorite Swear Word? ;}
1h 56m ago
13 posts by 13 users


Carlos from Puerto Rico
3d 19h ago
3 posts by 3 users
Burak from Turkey
5d 4h ago
5 posts by 3 users
Chino from Philippines
5d 16h ago
9 posts by 7 users

Queer Thinking

LGBTQ. . . And varied acceptance?
16m ago
15 posts by 14 users
Abortion: Pro-life or pro-choice?
22m ago
852 posts by 382 users
Anti-Gay Speaker Humiliated
1d 22h ago
4 posts by 4 users
The use of the word 'gay'
7d 2h ago
35 posts by 33 users
Your Heritage and a question...
7d 10h ago
57 posts by 50 users


Cutest LGBTQIA Movies
6h 43m ago
19 posts by 15 users
Favorite LGBT tv show/movie characters?
22h 4m ago
46 posts by 45 users
songs you hate?
1d 11h ago
135 posts by 96 users

About QA

Alone on QA
7d 15h ago
437 posts by 171 users
QA Couples
22d 6h ago
455 posts by 207 users
What's next for QA?
1mths 26d ago
27 posts by 18 users

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